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Free Shipping on Orders $50+ (Continental US)

Greta Sleek Arched-Top Wall Mirror

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Give yourself the once-over twice (or maybe three times) before you walk out the door with this full-length wall mirror. Its arched-top design is unique and framed with polystyrene in a white finish for a chic look. The shatter-proof glass provides the perfect spot to see your reflection, while also opening up your space in the bedroom or living room and letting the light bounce around. For a more space-saving design, you can easily mount this vertical high mirror to the wall, or simply lean it against the wall for a more freestanding piece. Best of all, this mirror arrives at your home in one piece with no installation required.

  • This floor mirror features an arch-crowned silhouette and ultra-thin frame, complements all your home decor, and brings your room style and elegance
  • Offers a large view area for dressing or admiring your appearance when using the large wall mirror
  • Uses shatter-proof glass, safer, more reassuring. The high-definition glass also provides a clear and real reflection. Copper-free backing paint prevents edge corrosion that happens over time with standard mirrors.
  • Free stand anywhere with a sturdy U-shaped bracket. Detach the bracket, simply lean against the wall. Ready to hang on the wall for space-saving.

Product Details:
  • Framed: Yes