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Free Shipping on Orders $50+ (Continental US)

Dyad Litter Box Enclosure

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Color: Mocha Walnut
Product Description
Give your furry friends some privacy while adding contemporary decor to your home with this litter box enclosure. This sleek pet litter box features a classic mid-century design with a mocha walnut finish and black accents for a modern addition to any space. This versatile piece of furniture can be used to house a litter box or a pet bed while also functioning as a side table or a nightstand. The large hole on the side of the litter box allows easy entry and exit for convenient use, and its rounded corners keep you and your furry friends safer. The two cabinet doors on the front of this box provide instant access to change litter or put in a pet bed. Crafted from durable, eco-friendly MDF, this litter box is built to provide your and your pets with long-lasting use. This litter box enclosure fits conveniently in your bedroom or living area without taking up too much space.
Staart stands for 'tail in Dutch. Both dogs and cats have tails that provide balance while they move, similarly, start creates furniture that creates a balance between comfortable habitats for pets and modern décor pieces for their homes." We know that no two cats are alike, so we designed this litter box enclosure with an adjustable side panel that can be placed on either side of the box to suit your cat’s preference. The flat-top allows the piece to also function as a side table, making it the perfect place to store some knick-knacks for your cat to knock over! Whether you prefer a white that goes with everything, or a statement piece pink, we have a litter box enclosure that will perfectly showcase your personality and compliment your decor. And it’s so beautifully designed, you won’t have to hide it away in some dark corner."