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Bacajol 5 Piece Ancestral Altar and Veneration Set

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  • 1 5” Mugwort smoke wand infused with frankincense, myrrh, and copal resins and adorned with a bouquet of fragrant dried roses, lavender, and ammobium
  • 1 high vibrational quartz crystal candle holder with tealight candle
  • 1 high vibrational fuchsite stone
  • 1 high vibrational selenite palm stone
  • 1 high vibrational floral essence made with immortelle flower, roses, sweetgrass and sage

Product Description
Your altar serves as a sacred space with the purpose of honoring your ancestral helping spirits. It is very important to note, however, that YOU are a true living altar- worthy of the utmost respect and care. You are the expression of centuries of love and creativity. So in the same way that you will care for your ancestral altar, please always acknowledge and care for the sacredness that dwells within. Your ancestral altar is a tool you can use to help alter and expand your state of consciousness- to raise your vibes and tap into the next best step of your journey. It serves as a point of access, signaling to your ancestors that you acknowledge the indelible mark they've made and that you welcome them to assist you in creating your own unique legacy. The Ancestral Altar + Veneration Kit serves as a toolkit for you to remember, offer gratitude, welcome guidance, and accept protection from those true, beautiful, light-filled members of your family lines.