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9.25" Spineless Yucca Plant

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Grown by United Nursery, the Yucca Cane is a long-time favorite that will make a dramatic conversation piece. Its upright spineless hard leaves sit atop a thick wooden cane in multiple clusters which creates an exotic tropical look. In addition to its bold look, the Yucca Cane is an easy-care plant that requires low watering and enjoys high to medium light spaces. The spineless yucca loves sunlight and watering about once a week. Make sure the soil dry's out before watering again. To beautify your plant use containers with drain holes to drain excess water and keep your plant healthy. Indoor house plants are proven to be excellent air purifiers that remove pollutants and chemicals from the air for healthy living. Studies show that house plants can decrease stress and anxiety and stimulate creativity. Great for yourself or as a gift!
  • Your Yucca Cane plant will appreciate a warm, sunny, setting and relatively dry, well-drained soil. Provide a top dressing of pebbles to prevent losing this moisture into the air. It prefers warmth and humidity and lives comfortably in 55-85°F

  • Long sword-shaped leaves with pointed tips. Yuccas' tall stems give bell-shaped flower buds which are generally white. Yucca plant may bloom mid-summer or late for cooler climates and the blossoms of the tree can last for weeks

  • Dracaena is one of the most effective house plants and air purification. They absorb the chemicals in the air and remove volatile chemical compounds

  • Studies have shown live plants in a home reduces stress and improves mood increasing productivity and creativity

  • The live yucca plant is native to hot, dry areas of the Americas and Caribbean. The indoor yucca tree beautifies your home and adapts to the area quickly. The Yucca Elephantipes is the perfect indoor plant and the perfect gift