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Free Shipping on Orders $50+ (Continental US)

24'' White Bird of Paradise Plant

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The large, banana-like leaves of a white bird of paradise bring a taste of the tropics to your home. Surprisingly drought resistant and will add a striking vertical accent to any large, open space in your home. Although it will not flower indoors, it is still prized for its amazing foliage and forgiving temperament. The white bird of paradise is native to South Africa and is also used as a landscape plant in frost-free regions. It is shipped in a 10-inch diameter seagrass decor basket. The NASA clean air study concluded that houseplants promote better air quality in your home. The study by NASA found that houseplants actively remove chemical pollutants from the air. It grows best in a bright spot. Outdoors, grow it in sun or shade; bird of paradise needs full sun to bloom well. Allow the top inch or so of the soil to dry between waterings. It holds up well to drought. Fertilize it a few times a year, in spring and summer, to keep it healthy. Use a general-purpose fertilizer labeled for houseplant use. Repot it when it becomes root-bound. A well-draining potting soil mix is recommended for reporting. Outdoors, the white bird of paradise is an excellent patio plant. The white bird variety adds a palm-like texture to decks, patios, and balconies. If you grow a white bird of paradise outdoors in a cold winter climate, you can bring it in for the winter. About the grower: the manufacturer is a third-generation family-run business stretching from south Florida to North Carolina, we have 5,500 hard-working employees that farm and cultivate a variety of beautiful plants that you can bring home today.

  • Water regularly, water when the soil dries out. It can hold up well to drought. Place in a well-lit room does best when receiving bright filtered light
  • Add life to your home, porch, or office
  • Great as gift or decoration
  • Not intended for human or animal consumption. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • We're unable to ship this item to AK, AZ, CA, GU, HI

Product Details:
  • Plant Category: Plant
  • Plant Species: Bird of Paradise
  • Placement: Floor
  • Plant Care Level: Moderate
  • Lighting Needs: High
  • Watering Needs: Low
  • Base Included: Yes
  • Air Quality Improvement: Yes
  • Pet Friendly: No
  • Number of Plants Included: 1
  • Outdoor Use: Yes