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Free Shipping on Orders $50+ (Continental US)

162 Minimalist Preprinted Spice Jar Labels Stickers

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  • PICTURE PERFECT PANTRY: 162 Preprinted Spice Jar Labels suitable for Bamboo Jars and Round or Rectangle Glass Spice Jars Sets, positioned vertically.

  • NO MESSY HANDWRITING: Our minimalist spice labels for jars with Black Text on Cool White Waterproof Stickers are beautifully modern and easy to read.

  • WATERPROOF & REMOVABLE: Spice label stickers are preprinted on waterproof premium vinyl stickers that won't tear or peel off but can easily be removed and replaced.

  • COMPREHENSIVE SPICE LIST: Each set includes the essential Spice Stickers and Seasoning Labels as well as 24 Expiration Date and 3 DIY Blank Labels.

  • TIDY & ORGANIZED: Kitchen Labels for Pantry and Spice Jars Labels are perfect for organizing and modernizing your home.

  • PRINTED ON COOL WHITE MATERIAL: Yes, it's a genuine version of White. Why? Because it pops, super-bright crisp white when on your spice jars.