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Free Shipping on Orders $50+ (Continental US)

Cambom Bacon Grease Container with Fine Mesh Strainer, 1.3 L/Almost 6 Full Cups Iron Cooking Oil Can with Removable a Coaster Tray for Kitchen Fat Storage

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Color: Black
  • Material: grease container and the coaster tray are made from wrought iron, and there is a non-stick coating inside and outside, which will prevent the grease can from rusting. The fine mesh strainer is made from stainless steel, and the wave handle is made from bakelite.

  • Function: there is a lid on the grease collector which will stop the dust from falling into the oil. A removable fine mesh strainer that is fine enough to filter out old batter pieces from cooked items and an anti-slip coaster tray will prevent oil spillage onto the countertop or range top. The small pour spout design works well to prevent any leakage.

  • Use: Catch and capture, stain and store used cooking oil, coconut oil, pan grill, and bacon grease. Also can be used to store another liquid seasoning.

  • Clean: Just clean the bacon grease strainer container with soft fiber.

  • Tips: the filter can’t be soaked, if you clean the strainer, please dry it as soon as possible, and the oil can’t overfill the rivet.