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Free Shipping on Orders $50+ (Continental US)

Extra Large Hooded Cat Litter Box with Top Entrance

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  • Anti-splashing and reduce litter tracking.
  • Come with a filter foam to filter odor.
  • Equided with free scoop,
  • Large space, cat can turn their body around in it, say goodbye to narrow uncomfortable litter box.
  • 5.7mm litter holes, when cat jumps out no litter out, no more messy.
  • Drawer structure, convenient for litter replacement or daily cleaning.
  • Enclose design, effectively prevent odor out and retain it in the box.

Product Description
This Hooded Litter Pan combines price, appearance, and quality craftsmanships with multiple features into one litter box making this a great starter pan for your cat. The large Hooded Litter Box features a lowered entry point that provides easy access for older cats and a top exit with cat litter catch design, avoiding cat litter spread everywhere. Besides, the lowered door with a lock design, so that you can control the cat coming out from the lower door or top door. Made from durable plastic with a pull-out bottom tray, which much easier for cleaning. It is also foldable, easy to set up and store.