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NEXTCLASSY Cocktail Smoker Kit for Drinks – Whiskey, Bourbon, Meat, Cheese and BBQ - Premium Whiskey Smoker Kit with Oak, Cherry, Apple and Walnut Wood Chips

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  • Recreating the drinks- The smoked kit can provide you with the opportunity to recreate your drink and increase the flavor of the drink. This kit can provide effectiveness to the taste of the drink by adding a smoky flavor to it.

  • All the things that you need- It is an all-in-one kit that comes with flavored smoke tops, 2 filter screens, a cleaning brush, and ice cubes that can enhance the experience of any drink or cocktail that you are willing to enjoy.

  • Delivery with safety- The kit is delivered with safety as it is packed with the use of special foam that can restrict the wood chips from intact during the delivery.

  • Easy to use and versatile kit- It’s a classy old fashioned smoker kit that is easy to use and can provide ease of use. It is easy to use because all that you are required to do is sprinkle your favorite wood chip flavor into the chimney and place the smoker on the glass and torch the lighter straight through the chimney for a few seconds.

  • Variety of flavours- There are the variety of flavour that comes in your smoker kit. The kit comes with four different types of flavors of wood chips which are the cherry, apple, oak, and walnut.

- 1x Smoked Top
- 4x Wood Chips (cherry/apple/oak/walnut)
- 2x Filter Screens
- 1x Cleaning Brush
- 6x Chilling Cubes
- 1x Pouch